Technology Aided Teaching (TAT) RAY OPTICS


Technology Aided Teaching (TAT) RAY OPTICS
Technology Aided Teaching (TAT) RAY OPTICS

Technology Aided Teaching Tools (TAT): A new initiative by PHYSICSBECKONS

Technology Aided Teaching (TAT)

Dear friends/colleagues

Greeting for the new ensuing academic session.

We at PHYSICSBECKONS constantly aim at making Physics Teaching-Learning a pleasure: easy & enjoyable.

In an attempt to further this aim, we are introducing a new section to include powerful Technology aided Teaching tools(TAT) to help you in the class room teaching to make Teaching Easier & Learning Joyful.

It is hoped that use of these tools will help bring home the clear concepts of the subject to the students faster, giving you sufficient time for problem discussion, revision and to prepare the students for the CBSE exams.

I always believe that Technology Aided Teaching (TAT) should be tailor-made with a specific goal of Content Delivery/Discussion in mind in real class-room situation & hence designed by teachers with actual class-room experience and not by tecnocrats.

This initiative also helps me to meet a long overdue request by some friends to introduce such a section.

Your critical feedback is always a source of inspiration & is always welcome.

A few topics in Ray Optics are being added for your use.

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(Refraction of Light; Laws of Refraction; Refractive Index (Absolute & Relative); Principle of Reversibility of Light; Refraction through a Rectangular Slab; Refraction through a Compound Slab; Real Depth & Apparent Depth of a Liquid)


(Refraction through a Prism; Angle of Deviation; Expression for Deviation produced by a Prism; Variation of angle of deviation δ with angle of incidence i; Expression for Refractive Index of Prism (The Prism Formula); Dispersion; Angular Dispersion & Dispersive Power).

Total Internal Reflection

Variation of Angle of deviation with Angle of Incidence

Dispersion & Dispersive Power


(Construction; Ray Diagram; Magnifying Power; Expression for Angular Magnification; Applications).


(Construction; Ray Diagram; Magnifying Power; Expression for Angular Magnification; Applications).

New addition:


Here is the list of the topics introduced earlier.

Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter-I (TAT)

Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter-II (TAT)

Communication Systems (TAT) 1/3

Communication Systems (TAT) 2 of 3

Communication Systems (TAT) 3 of 3

Interference of Light (TAT)

Happy Teaching!

Technology Aided Teaching Tools (TAT)

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Technology Aided Teaching (TAT)

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