Magnetic Effects of Current-1 & 2 Videos

Biot-Savart Law & Field at the center of a circular coil (Magnetic Effect of Current 2)

 In order to give you a feeling of the real Class room teaching learning process, we at physicsbeckons are trying to produce and present the CBSE Physics class 12 curriculum in the form of videos. Continuing the effort, two videos on the lesson Magnetic Effect of Current (Physics) class 12 are being uploaded.

The video Magnetic Effect of Current-1 is an introduction to discovery of the Magnetic Effect. The video Magnetic Effect of Current-2 deals with Biot-Savart Law and its applications  You may go through the videos carefully to understand the basic concepts involved and the applications thereof for solution of the numerical problems. Please make sure to reinforce learning by carefully going through any Text/reference book and try more numerical problems in order to gain the confidence and to reassure yourself that the lessons have been well understood.

In the next video Magnetic Effect of Current-3, we will continue with applications of Biot-Savart law. Numerical problems based on these concepts will also be covered in this video.

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The links to the video are as under.

Magnetic Effect of Current-1

Magnetic Effect of Current-2

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