CBSE Examination 2018: Target 90+



CBSE Examination 2018: Target 90+

CBSE Examination 2018: Target 90+

Welcome CBSE Examinations!

Wish you all do well in the Exam…

It is time to look ahead and achieve the target you have set for yourself in Physics (Theory).

90+ is not too big a target to be achieved in CBSE Physics. Play your cards well & you can reach the desired heights.

Here are a few tips…

Make a quick schedule for the next few days. Schedule should have a judicious mix of the study hours and the break/relaxation time. Don’t study for too long hours at a stretch. Give yourself  a gap. This will help you keep fresh & rejuvenated all the time.

  • Identify the sub-units which you feel need special attention. For a student with a target of 90+, Difficult things should be the first priority. You need to focus on your area of weakness. Revise such topics & make very short notes of the points which you tend to omit/forget. List the important formulae from each unit which need your special attention This will act as a QRK (quick revision kit) on the last day.
  • Revise one unit at a time. Read Summary & Points to Ponder listed at the end of the unit from the NCERT text book. Follow up with CBSE previous year questions for real time revision.
  • Finish all the units well in time; say by mid February, 2018. Reinforce learning with the help of  sample/previous year papers. (You can get a no. of papers from this site by searching CBSE PAPERS).
  • Take care of your diet; it is essential to keep your energy level high.
  •  Remain focused and relaxed during preparation. Avoid last minute nervousness.
  • Seek help when you need. Your teachers, parents & even friends can help. This may however need some planning.
  • Meditation & light exercises will be of great help for both body  & mind.
  • Follow a series of articles being published in the site for Examination 2018.

Keep yourself calm. Remember: It is most important for you & you alone. Assure yourself that Hard work never goes unrewarded. A grand success awaits you.

Happy learning and best wishes!

CBSE Examination 2018: Target 90+

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