CBSE EXAMINATION 2017: Physics Practicals Viva-Voce


Physics Practicals Viva-Voce : (CBSE EXAMINATION 2017)

The Examination 2017 season has begun. The first crucial stage is the practical examination which must be on now or round the corner and would probably be over by 15th February 2017. This period offers you a golden opportunity to prepare few topics for the theory examination as well. The practical syllabus has 3 parts–

1.      Electricity

2.      Ray Optics

3.      Semiconductors

So before the practical examination, prepare these topics well.

Viva-voce questions for the three parts are being posted for you.

My personal experience over various years has shown that a large number of students fail to perform well in Viva-voce. This is not because they do not know the answers. They simply can’t express themselves due to examination nervousness.

So I would advise you to make groups, Plan preparation and discuss the questions with each other. This will give you much needed practice and confidence to express yourself when you actually go for the viva; an important part of the practical examination.

Here are the questions for you:

Viva-voce- Electricity

Important diagrams:

  • Meter bridge
  • Potentiometer circuits
  • Conversion of galvanometer to ammeter & voltmeter

Viva-voce- Ray Optics

Important diagrams for this sub-unit:

  • Ray diagrams for image formation by concave/convex mirrors and lenses
  • Path of light ray through prism (Derive relevant relations and memorise them)

Viva-Voce – Semiconductors 

Important diagrams for this sub-unit

  • Symbols of different types of diodes : pn junction, zener diode,LED etc.
  • Forward & Reverse biasing
  • Circuit for study of forward  & reverse characteristics of pn junction
  • Circuit for study of reverse ch of zener diode
  • Symbols of pnp and npn transistor
  • Circuit for study of characteristic curves of transistor in common emitter mode

It is also advisable to practice diagrams for half wave & full wave rectifier. The theory should be carefully prepared if the project you selected is based on electronic devices.

Needless to say that the practice will help you in CBSE theory exams well.

Remain relaxed when you are called for viva. Most of the examiners are friendly and will try to get the best out of you.

So get started.


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