All About Wave Optics……..

all about wave optics

All About Wave Optics

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With the number of posts in the blog growing, I revisited the posts and decided to classify & club the posts pertaining to a unit in a single post. This will facilitate learning & make it enjoyable.The earlier posts in the series clubbed the information about the unit on Electrostatics & Electromagnetic Waves.

Here is All About Wave Optics for you…..

*The Videos

  (Nature of light, Introduction to Wave Optics, Wave front, Huygen’s principle, Construction of secondary wave-front)

(Laws of reflection & Laws of refraction using Huygen’s principle)

(Interference of light, Expression of fringe width)

Diffraction of light

Polarisation of Light

**The Notes

Wave Optics-I (Huygen theory and the derivation of laws of reflection & refraction)

Wave Optics-II (Interference of light)

Wave Optics-III (Diffraction of light)

Wave Optics-IV    (Polarisation of Light) 

***The Assignment

WAVE OPTICS (Assignment)

Happy Learning!