All About Current Electricity


All About Current Electricity

All About Current Electricity

All About Current Electricity

Dear friends,

With the number of posts in the blog growing, I revisited the posts and decided to classify & club the posts pertaining to a unit in a single post. This will facilitate learning & make it enjoyable.The earlier posts in the series clubbed the information about the unit on Electrostatics,Wave Optics & Electromagnetic Waves.

Here is All About Current Electricity for you…..

*The Videos

Current Electricity-1   (Introduction to Electric Current, Types of current, Simple numerical problems)

Current Electricity-2  (Mechanism of current flow, Expression for drift speed & relation with current )

Current Electricity-3    (Relation between drift speed & current, Ohm’s law, Resistance, Resistivity, Factors affecting resistance.)

Current Electricity-4    (Current Electricity: Numerical Problems)

Current Electricity-5    (Cell: The EMF, Internal resistance & terminal voltage)

Current Electricity-6    (Series & Parallel Combination of Resistances)

Current Electricity-7    (Combination of Cells)

Current Electricity-8    (Introduction to Kirchhoff’s Laws)

Current Electricity-9    (Wheatstone Bridge; Slide Wire/Meter Bridge, Determination of resistance & resistivity)

**The Notes

Current Electricity-I (Electric Current, Expression for drift speed & relation with current )

Current Electricity-II (Ohm’s law, Resistance, Resistivity & factors affecting resistance.)

Current Electricity-III (Electrical Measurements, Kirchhoff’s law,Meter bridge, Potentiometer)

Current Electricity (Assignment)

Happy Learning!